How to get low p Smg in MW2


The inaugural season of COD: The content after the launch of MW2 is full of new things in which players can immerse themselves for hours. As usual, a new season brings new weapons, and one of the newest weapons is the BAS-P SMG in MW2. Do you want to add this to your collection? This is what you need to know about how to get the BAS-P SMG in MW2.

Based SMG unlocking in MW2

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The BAS-P can only be unblocking in a MW2 way, and that is through the battle pass. Go to the battle pass tab, and you will discover that the BAS-P is in the A6 sector.

The last MW2 season has introduced a significant change in the operation of the battle pass, abandoning the old linear fashion in favor of a new system based on segments. There are 20 segments in total, each with five rewards that are unlocked by unlocking sheets. Moving towards A6 reveals that the BAS-P requires five chips to unlock, and once you spend the chips, the weapon will be yours.

That is all you need to know how to get the BAS-P SMG in MW2. Check out our related content, such as how to unlock the Vitus XMR sniper rifle, learn how the new prestige system works or look at all Kill streaks classified in MW2 multiplayer mode.

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