[Photo] Nexon G -Star booth filled with demonstration

Nixon Booth is one of the hottest places in G-Star. It is amazing that it is so large that it is hard to catch at a glance at one side of the first exhibition hall. There is only a demonstration space and a waiting space in the booth in the exhibition hall, while choosing a separate goods gift box.


From the first day, the four-game demonstration space filled the Nixon booth, from the Making Mobile, which was attracted by the Making Mobile, from Kart rider Drift, First Dependent, and the Dave the Divers Nintendo Switch version, which has been so well-received.

And what stands out is the structure of the Nixon booth. The booth itself is very simple, but it consists of a two-story space on both sides. In the middle of the middle, the Dave The Dive Demonstration space was prepared, and the space of three games of three games: Making Mobile, Cart rider Drift, and First Dependent on both sides was placed on the second floor. Personally, it looks like a big wave.

Mysterious is that the inside and outside the booth were far from the splendor, but it caught the eye. It’s enough for visitors to stop and take pictures. The booth looks like that, and the design itself is unique. And because everything else was simple, the video that was sent from the long screen on the booth wall came very intensely.

G-Star 2022 Nixon Booth is located in the first exhibition hall of BEX CO. As soon as you enter, you can see it to the left. Note that Nixon Gift Box is a space where you can receive event products after the internal booth demonstration. The exact event information can be found on the Nixon G-Star page.