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Fans of 7 vs. wild storm Google

In the series, 7 individuals are suspended in a remote area and have to make it through there for 7 days. Just the clothes on the body and an optimum of 7 previously selected items are available.

Fans of the YouTube series 7 vs. Wild have actually taken over the Google evaluations of a hotel at the filming location in Panama and wrote heaps of amusing evaluations with referral to the 2nd season.

We connect a complete list with all individuals and other details about the second season of the series here: 7 vs. Wild: All details about the second season-participants, guidelines, start and area

The 2nd season is currently running. Each week, 2 brand-new episodes appear that program how popular material developers resist the adversities of nature on a tropical island. Among them are the Twitch banners Starlet nova and Knows, who caused take part in the run-up to the show with his 3-year-old boy.

What is 7 vs. wild? 7 Vs. Wild is a survival series on YouTube, which is transmitted on the channel of the German entertainer Fritz Manacle.

The place of the second season of 7 vs. Wild is the tropical island Isla de San José south of Panama, on which there is also a hotel. Reason enough for the fans of the series to write humorous Google reviews.

Funny type kept asking for cigarettes

  • Very nice island, unfortunately there was a little incident. I satisfied seven ignored people, joked like dogs (through Google)..

Might also make a couple of snapshots (through Google)..

The hotel has a total of over 400 evaluations, the bulk of it seems to be from German-speaking fans of the YouTube series. The top evaluations with hundreds of fake me in specific are allusions to the 7 prospects.

  • Best location to truly let your mind wander. You just should not move too far away from the hotel, because otherwise we will experience strange figures in the forest, which are totally safe (through Google)..

What do users compose? The fans of 7 vs. Wild express their humor in various ways and generally discuss Knows. Once again and once again a male with a crown who requests cigarettes can be read.

  • I desired to have my peace and relax completely. He was entirely neglected and informed a little of 7 days. He continuously persecuted me and wanted to understand if he had won (through Google).

  • A nice trip up until such a girl under my space window opened a building and construction employee helmet shop and loudly required consumers (via Google)..

He kept asking me if I had cigarettes for him and which day was (via Google)..


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You can also sort the evaluations by keywords. For this purpose, Google recommends terms such as king, crown, shouting and machining, which have their origin in the series and appropriate reviews.

Not only 7 vs. Wild returns with season 2 in November, however likewise a popular card occasion from Pietsmiet:.

  • Hotel was good, personnel was friendly, food was very yummy and there was likewise a location to sleep. But in the jungle there was an insane one with a crown. He kept asking me if I had cigarettes for him and which day was (via Google)..

Where do you find the evaluations? If you wish to have a look at the amusing evaluations of the German-language 7 vs. Wild fans, you have to look for the island Isla de San José on Google and click on the Hacienda del Mar hotel there.

  • General really nice, but I fulfilled a wild copy. Could likewise make a few photos (by means of Google)..

  • Very relaxing there. A strange person was in the surrounding jungle and constantly asked for cigarettes. (through Google)..

The fans of 7 vs. Wild express their humor in different ways and primarily write about Knows. He was entirely disregarded and informed a little of 7 days. He constantly maltreated me and desired to know if he had actually won (via Google).