Alien an survival horror aaa would remain in advancement, 1st details that go hyper the fans of the license


According to the current indiscretions by Tom Henderson, a survival Scary AAA based upon the Alien license (marathon code name) is presently in development. Expert did not handle to identify the studio in charge of the job, but if our company believe its sources, the idea would be to market the video game at the end of 2023 on Xbox Series, Xbox Series S, PS5 and PC. A priori, the developers want to be very motivated by titles such as Resident Evil and Dead Space, which is rather a good thing when you see the quality of the latest remakes.

With a similar rumor, we always think of Alien: insulation which had actually won us in 2014 and which is the last game to have honored the franchise. In any case, Tom Henderson chooses to stay cautious about the presence of an alien: insulation 2 and anticipates to have more details on this file.

Let’s not forget that two other Alien titles are in preparation. To start with, there are Aliens who are established by Survive. Based on the Unreal Engine 5, he will provide a story occurring in between Alien, the 8th traveler and aliens, the return. We will play a veteran broken in combat and eager to take vengeance on animals, understanding that it will be possible to play in virtual truth. And after that there are the Aliens real-time method game: Dark Descent. Planned on consoles and PC, it is developed by Finals Interactive and will consist of 5 class of navies along with beasts never seen in the Alien legend.