LOL: Illustrator creates concept of skin aurelion sun flourishing spiritual and the result is charming

The League of Legends ings together a creative and talented community that has already shown its work on amazing cosplay, realistic fan arts and concepts for the characters. Illustrator Jenner Chen developed what Aurelio Sol’s look would look like with the spiritual skin.

The theme arrived at MOB in 2020, contemplating the champions: Yahoo, Lillian, Wayne, Teems, Thresh, HRI, Cassiopeia, Kindred, Riven and One. The collection was a success, mainly, being available to community favorites and new characters Lillian and One. The skins have very characteristic colors, drawing attention for the shades of blue, pink and purple.

Spiritual flourishing returned in 2022, new to Sandra, Tristan, Soraya, Sett, Evelyn, Aphelion, Yo rick, Darius and Master Yi. But no signal to Aurelio Sol, to the sadness to the character’s maintenance. Maybe he gets the skin next lead, but nothing guaranteed. To kill a little curiosity of how he would get the theme, an illustrator created a concept in his Twitter account.

The illustrator is known among LOL fans for his illustrations, including creation of the concept of Skin Belinda to Be’veto. Aurelio Sol version flourishing spiritual caught the community’s attention, with over a thousand likes on the concept’s presentation tweet. The project was so well accepted by fans, that we can already hope to encourage Riot Games to join the champion in the next skins of the set.


It is worth remembering that Aurelio Sol has rework confirmed and is expected to be available in 2023. Initially, the changes were scheduled for this year, but Riot Games said it would need another time to develop planning. Possible changes in mechanics in the champion can help leverage their popularity and, consequently, should receive more skins, as so far has only three.