Twitch: most famous streamer in the world explains why there is no contract with the platform

In recent years, Amaranth has become a controversial Twitch figure. Putting themselves as the most assisted female personality of the platform, she recently took advantage of a newly conquered freedom and intends to invest in new projects. But while the businesswoman has a head full of ideas for her lives on Twitch, she revealed that the platform has not yet offered her big deal and there is no contract yet.

Amaranth has no contract with Twitch

She revealed this during a program called fullsquadgaming, live on the streaming platform. When a content creator becomes popular on Twitch, the company usually offers it a contract (this is no longer mandatory). This agreement allows streamers to receive more or less stable revenue as long as their transmissions are quite regular.


While Amaranth oadcasts almost every day on the Amazon platform, why doesn’t she have a Twitch contract? According to her, it is because she is not friend of the and enough.

adult sites on the agenda, but not the streaming giants

The only companies that offered him great contracts would therefore be adult sites, while streaming giants remain silent. These adult platforms would be very popular companies in this sector, whose name she seems to have preferred to keep silent.

As Amaranth said at the end of his intervention, Who knows? A while ago, she organized the Streamer Royale event, which ought together Twitch figures to compete with each other in several crazy contests.

In addition to a continuation of this event that was successful, the streamer says it wants to make live oadcasts around its passion: the animals. Anyway, Amaranth has great plans for the future, and it is very likely that they finally attract the attention of major streaming companies!