Waltans year -end is Schwarzenegger & Mila Jovovich

MMO Strategic Game Development and Publisher War gaming, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mill Jovanovich will participate in the year-end holiday event, the largest event of its MMO action game ‘World of Tank’. It was revealed.

This allows you to meet Arnold and Mila, a global star and action actors, at the World of Tanks for all platforms, including PCs, mobile, and consoles.

World of Tank Ambassador Mila Joinville said, I have played in a video game-based movie, but this is the first time I have participated in the game. Along with Arnold, they will guide players to the magical year-end and New Year’s villages and share special gifts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I had an amazing experience in the World of Tanks last year and said that it would come back as soon as I received the proposal again. I thought this year’s event would be more special and my expectation was right. I was honored to be my first work with Mila Job Beach, and this event, which combines my favorite two year-end and New Year holidays and tanks, has become more abundant this year.

Players meet two Hollywood stars in the garage and get a mission, and if you complete it, you can get Arnold and Mila special items such as tank camouflage, theme patterns, texts, decals and crews. PCs and consoles also include Arnold and Mila’s crew negative.

Arnold and Mila were honored to appear on the first screen in the World of Tanks, said Christopher Chung World of Tanks Franchise Director. Like millions of players around the world, I also watched each movie starring Arnold and Mila, but I am happy to be with the World of Tank players with a special experience of meeting two global stars on one screen at this event.

The year-end holiday event of World of Tanks is held for about a month from December 1 to January 9, and the schedule and benefits will be held individually according to each platform.

For more information about the year-end holiday event of the World of Tanks, please visit the official World of Tanks.