The worst sparkles from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

For fans of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, hunting for the rarest of the rare ones, it is not enough to fill in Pokédex. The collection of brilliant Pokémon, rare versions of Pokémon with a unique color scheme, often becomes the following purpose after the completion of the pole. We are here to tell you that, despite the fact that all the chains have approximately the same chances of being found or multiplied, not all Chain are created equal. Sometimes a new color scheme looks fresh, or it is simply not enough. Here are our choice of the worst gangs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

5 The most poorly looking shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


It is not very successful to start this list with the starting Pokémon, but, unfortunately, this is so. Sprigatito and its evolution, Floodgate and Meowscaraada, are very much different from ordinary versions to Shiny. The biggest difference is the transition from pink accents to purple. Since Meowscarada is a dark type, this brilliant Pokémon had enough opportunities to really play with darker shades, but this simply was not done.



Brambleghast does not have the most attractive design. Although, since this is a Pokémon of a ghostly type, which is generally suitable for this type. His brilliant version is simply more pale and more ghostly, which still corresponds to the topic, but does not make it very light for the eyes.


The game with Clod sire and observing pulsating spikes from his back during combat animation seems quite pleasant and unique. However, it is disappointed that the Clod sire Shiny version does not convey the same feeling. Apart from the changes to a little more blue shades, probably a reference to the original Cooper and Quagmire, there were no special changes for Shiny Clod sire.


The brilliant version of Alamo is the same as Pokémon itself, simple and boring. Perhaps its color scheme is even worse than that of the usual version, since Shiny Flamingo seems even more realistic. Pokémon, which in design are approaching animals, from which they draw inspiration, seem boring. In our opinion, it would be best to add Flamingo colors in brighter colors.


The brilliant version of Household displays blur to a completely new level, replacing the blue pastel clothing of Pokémon with a white one, without changing the white Household fur. They could experiment with brighter shades or change the color of mice, but instead decided to make Household one of the softest shiny Pokémon. The design of the growing family of this Pokémon is amazing, but, unfortunately, its brilliant version is not.

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