With this switch trick, the Nintendo gives

Anyone who has actually treated themselves to a new game in the shop would like to begin playing directly.

Simply stupid that the download speed of the Nintendo Switch is normally absolutely underground.
A little modification in the system settings could remedy the situation if this is also the case for you.

How to accelerate your Switch downloads

The WLAN of the Nintendo Switch is truly not the yellow of the egg-but even if you buy a LAN adapter for your console, it might be that the downloads over the Nintendo shop still take an eternity.
With a little luck you can quickly change the console settings if you likewise have the feeling that the download speed is far too low.
To do this, you initially change to the system settings, then go to the Internet button and pick the Internet settings point.
Now choose your Wi-Fi connection and then click on Settings.
Now you end up in a brand-new menu in which you scroll down to the MTU sub-point.
A value of 1400 is kept there by default.
Now increase it by hand to 1500 and save your change.
That’s it currently!
If you have actually done whatever correctly, the downloads by means of the Nintendo shop should now go much quicker.
Some gamers likewise report that this change likewise helped them to eliminate Lags in online games and to enhance their NAT type (source: Reddit).
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Change menu: Just what does the MTU setting do?

MTU represents maximum transmission system- the optimum size of an information bundle that can be transferred to the device at the same time.
It will be divided and sent out to several bundles instead-but that costs a little more time if the information plan exceeds this size.
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By increasing the MTU worth, we figure out that your Nintendo Switch can receive larger data packages, which in the finest case ensures that your download times can be reduced.


There is no warranty for this, however if you need to discover that the change does not cause the wanted effect or even extend your download times, you can reset this setting to the default value of 1400 at any time.