Android users threaten danger-if you are the latest Google

Google has released a new security patch for Android.
Users should install it immediately as soon as the smartphone manufacturers offer it.
Dortmund-Android user should never ignore a system update and install it on your smartphone as soon as possible.
If you don’t do it, hackers can access the cell phone with little effort.

Numerous security gaps at Android discovered: Do not ignore Google’s security patch

Android’s new security patch can save many users a lot of trouble-if they install it.
The Security Patch Level 2022-12-01 or 2022-12-05 currently closes numerous security gaps in Android smartphones.
And there are some security gaps that have opened up at Android.
Google even classified four of them as critical.

update for Android smartphone absolutely install-hackers can access the cell phone

Three weak points make it possible to carry out a malicious code from afar.
You could simply use the interface via Bluetooth.
The fourth critical mistake makes it possible for foreign information to be read out (more digital news at ).
According to chip, smartphone manufacturers have to roll out the improvements for their devices themselves.
As soon as an update is available, users should receive a message on your Android device.
You should install it as soon as possible.

Android weak spots: Hacker locks Dangerous apps

In order to secure data and prevent unwanted external access to your own smartphone, users should always provide your phone with the latest updates.
But there is not only danger from the outside.
Installed Android apps can also cause considerable damage.
In a current case, fraudsters are targeting their victims’ bank details.
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