Path of exile

First Look: XCOM 2

Fir axis Games Marvel’s latest expansion pack for COM 2, COM 2: War of the Chosen is here, and it’s time to take a look at what all the fuss is about.

Go back to Agatha to see an illustration of the hanging tree where you need to go next by going west from Shaw’s Church.
Usage Reveal on a long bridge you will stumble upon to restore the path, continue and bend the stairs on the left and then turn left again to reach the tree.
Utilize Reveal on the Tree to get the moon seal when you have arrived there.
Decrease the stairs to the east to reach the next blood gate where you should be at level 10-12 to clean.


  • Go west to the garden of the envy to reach Lilith’s garden, and talk to Agatha.
    You need to discover the three parts of the moon seal that are scattered in this area of the card and bring them back to it to put them together.
    Do this and then go north to open the last blood gate where you want to reach Level 14-16 to complete it.
    Do this and put the last moon seal, and you get break, the latest thing of power in Midnight Sun.
    If you get these words of power in Midnight Suns, you will get access to the whole map of The Grounds and all your tricks, traditions, tarot cards and arcades.
    It also reveals the truth about Agatha’s Destiny and the scares that Salem satisfied under Hiram Shaw, who saw witches as a danger that was to be eliminated.
    In this way you get a great deal of rewards, so it is highly advised since it also offers your arcades a healthy boost, however they have to permeate the story quite far and keep their level rather high to be successful.
    Marvels midnight sun launched on December 2, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.
    A port for Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released at a later date.
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Marvel’s midnight sun might have a fantastic tactical role player experience as a core deal, but there is likewise a considerable experience between battle operations.
The Third-Personal Exploration function exposes lots of Marvel traditions about much of its magic-based heroes in addition to some interesting challenges and mechanics to open brand-new areas.
Such a mechanics contains the words of power in Midnight Suns, commands that they can make in the upper world beyond the battle and which sum up the power of the older gods for numerous purposes.

Where do you find the words of power in midnight suns?

In order to get all 4 words of power in Midnight Suns, you must complete the tests of the older gods after opening the blood objectives and placed the preserved or discovered moon seal in the matching base.
There is an examination behind each blood gate with increasing level of problem, although each objective can only be reached after the previous word has been acquired.
Typically, it is about beating 16 of the created opponents of the difficulty within 4 rounds, and the bright side is that they get Charlie the Hellhound as allies.
This is a side quest with which you can open the map of The Premises, which is surviving in the video game, with new locations for exploring and unusual items.
Whatever is triggered when you start the side history of Agatha Harkness, and the locations for each of the words of power in Midnight Suns and the conditions to accomplish them are listed below:


  • The first word of power is the most basic that you get after you have begun Agatha’s mission series by speaking to your mind when you go to your memorial at the start of the video game.
    Sequester who likes to check out the card probably triggered this when they tried to accomplish brand-new areas of The Grounds, and this is the first tool that you need to get there and open doors.
    This Blood Gate is located northeast of The Abbey and has a basic difficulty mission, for which you do not have to have a high level.
    A recommendation for this challenge is to apply Charlie’s howling to a group of enemies to get Marked so that they can chain as numerous KOS as possible.
    Uncover ####
  • You wish to collect all 4 primary rods for this, but you still need to find the goal later on.
    Reveal can be reached quickly after you have received Open if you disappear en route to the south of the very first Blood Gate and after that go east past the door where you can utilize open.

Go northeast through Dreamers Descent, up the stairs up and past the standing Stones (focus on the various mixes you can utilize for them) to reach the Blood Gate that flows into the mountain and shine red.
You need to be here during the night so that it is opened.
So if you exist during the day, go to the abbey, close a mission and return to activate the next attempt to fight.
Total it and place the moon seal that you received from the Essential Rods puzzle on the base to get Reveal.

To clean

  • Enter the location in which you have actually gotten Exposes through a result from the very same cavern to reach the Valley of the Winds.
    Go north and along the course illuminated by green torches up until you reach Shaw’s Church, where you need to do research study and ask Physician Strange for aid to continue.
    For this part you have to complete The Bell Tolls and return here so that he opens the passage after researching the remains of the BOS character that you beat in this objective.


This results in a passage with some notes that you can take a look at to start the next part of your trip.
Return to the church and utilize Unveil on the desk with the documents laid out.
It will cause the next part of the search, in which Agatha describes that this is drawings of different places where witches passed away throughout the time of Hiram Shaw.
You must go to the locations displayed in every drawing (or use our images offered here) and receive the stained soil.