How To Save Money In Blacktail: 5 Tips For Saving Money And Staying Alive

Knowing when and where to keep is one of the most important aspects of any game.
While most modern games make it an easy option in a menu, sometimes the games like to be a little thicker and turn it into a task within the game.
Here is how to save in Blackmail.

Where to save on Blackmail

Despite being good with many tutorials, Blackmail never explicitly tells you how to keep.
You are expected to discover it for yourself, apparently.
While that is good in theory, it does not help if you want to make sure your progress is registered.
Save, you will have to use one of these sanctuaries.
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As you can see at the top of the sanctuary, it requires a red grass.
You can only have eight of these at the same time when you just start in the game.
The maximum that can maintain increases to 16 with the Deep Pockets ability.
However, Red Herb is not the most common resource and is used in many skills recipes.


This means that there is the possibility that you often have to hunt them.
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While Blackmail has control points in certain sections of history, there are no control points when you are exploring.
So, if a time has spent since the last time he kept and lacks some red grass, he will want to be very careful.

Fortunately, the sanctuaries appear on the map, so you can always mark one, and then, once you find some red grass, you will know where to go.
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Keep in mind that, although some sanctuaries have a cat close to travel fast, it is not an option in all sanctuaries.
This is all you need to know how to save in Blackmail.
If you are trying to save for several import skills unlocks, here we show you how to get more teeth.
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