How To Get Fortnites Creative Island Of The Heros Training Gymnasium Code

Some of Fortnite X My Hero Academia need to play a creative mode.
The point is that the list of missions does not share the code necessary to access it.
Here is the island code for Hero Training Gym mode in Fortnite.

Code of the Island of the Fortnite Heroes Training Gymnasium

In general, the mission information card includes the island code, but in this case it is nowhere.
If you want to find the creative mode Hero Training Gym, you must use the Island Code 6917-7775-5190.
The island codes can be entered by pressing the button shown in the current game mode in the lobby to open the game mode menu.
From here, press the tab to the right and find the screen to enter an island code.


Alternatively, the map can be easily found as part of the EPIC Selections’ section in the game mode menu.
Hero Training Gym mode can be played by up to 16 players, which means you can bring the entire team.

Missions of Heroes Training Gymnasium

If you are looking for the UA Cape Block, a couple of missions are linked to Hero Training Gym.
Those two missions are:
Help eliminate opponents in the heroes training gym (5)
Win points ensuring rescue points in the Heroes Training Gymnasium (25)
More missions will be added on December 23, and could include more Missions of Hero Training Gym.
For now, these are the only ones available.
That is all you need to know about the island code for Hero Training Gym mode in Fortnite.
If you are trying to complete the missions, we have a guide for the search for training dolls.
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