Blizzard introduces new features to their website

Blizzard has been offering an amazing gaming experience for a while now, with World of Warcraft being one of the most popular ones. Now they are rolling out new features to their website that will make it even more fun and easier to navigate.

On the PTR are some class balance modifications, included common and poor quality items for transmogrification, and some new NPCs representing the Drained, Light forged Drained, Orc, Lauren, and High mountain Lauren rogues, mages, and priests.

The trial duration will also let you play around with the professions and unlock Dragon riding. You’ll also be able to experience 2 of the expansions new dungeons, Ruby Life pools and the Noshed Offensive. Access will be offered till January 2, 2023, and with the holidays upon us, It’s definitely not a bad time to let those who may not have actually been swayed yet to jump back in and see just what others have been discussing.

Dragon flight likewise has some new PTR notes, with a look at the new Trading Post function. This brand-new addition will let you make a brand-new currency, Traders Tender, to trade for free reward cosmetics every month by completing activities from a turning list of themed choices. If you’ve been curious about the Trading Post because Blizzard announced it, It’s now offered to test out, and if you do that, you’ll help the devs to tweak the feature, consisting of the final quantities of the new Traders Tender currency they’ll be setting for task completion.

To check out the complete notes, head to Wow.

If you’ve been on the fence about heading to the Dragon Isles, Blizzard is attempting to lure you into beginning a brand-new journey with a Dragon flight trial. The brand-new Trading Post feature has actually likewise made it to the PTR.


Starting today, if you are a Wow subscriber or somebody with active game time, and you don’t own the new growth, you can play for maximize to level 63 in the Waking Shores and all the way through chapter among the campaign. You’ll likewise get a chance to play as the brand-new rather Evoke, the race and class combination presented with the lore of the Dragon flight growth.