Danganrona: Rain Code Trailer Is A Very Cruel Teaser

As early as the spring of 2023, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is to appear specifically for the Nintendo Change and the secret experience not just bears Soda’s handwriting, however is also produced by him.
In a new trailer, the Murder mystery explains its framework and presents the 2 protagonists.

Even if Kazakh Soda, the creator of the Danganronpa franchise, can picture a return to the series in the future, he is presently hectic.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code-a city, two heroes, many puzzles

The two are not the only ones who, with their nose, make the city controlled by a mega-concentant: the master detectives from the World Detective Organization also switch on and utilize their skill forensics to bring the lawbreakers behind bars.

The investigations in the genuine world are not enough: Together with Kirigami, Yuma has to go into the secret maze.
It is a type of parallel world in which the numerous indications and riddles of the existing case manifest themselves which require to be overcome to discover the perpetrator.


In the role of young detective Yuma Forehead you end up in a city where it constantly rains and needs to fix many challenging puzzles and cases.
As it ought to be for an excellent detective, Yuma naturally has a sidekick: the scratched spirit Kirigami gets the detective suffering from amnesia.

limited collectors’ edition with plush-shinigami

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has not yet had a particular release date, up until now you have actually remained vague with the specification of spring 2023.
In addition to a normal but also a restricted collectors’ edition, it is planned for the Nintendo Switch exclusive title, which comes with Soundtrack, Art book, Steel book and a 16.5 cm plush Kirigami, as you are on the official site.

In the new trailer, the parallels to the Danganronpa series are more than clear, even if the setting relocations away from a murderous battle royale around a group of high school students and to a noir detective thriller.
Again, intensive settlements for the true identity of the perpetrators are awaiting you.