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Dead Island 2: The Zombie Game Thats Been Compared To Dying Light Is Now Available In Germany

The original Dead Island released in 2011 and, while it was successful in the first few months, eventually the game became more of a hassle than a joy to play. With the release of Dead Island 2, gamers may have found their zombie fix as this sequel is set to take less time to download and also has better graphics.

Dead Island 2 has received approval for the German market, which means that the zombie title can conquer the local shops with a US seal.
The age classification from 18 years was awarded.
Even if Dead Island 2 is intended at adult players with this classification, cuts had to be made, which-as it ensures Plaion-have been very restricted.
The US version of Dead Island 2 differs from the worldwide variation only in one area.
As quickly as the zombies are slaughtered, players in the cut variation can no longer communicate with the animals.
All other game content apparently stayed unblemished.
The US’s choice sounds rather paradoxical.
On the one hand, gamers can also edit the zombies in the US variation with all type of weapons or fry them with a Molotov mixed drink.
The adversaries were once slaughtered (or how Plain formulated it: chopped, crushed or flambeed to oatmeal), no more damage can be added to them in this state.


personal video games with an international variation possible

The publisher points out that gamers of the US and worldwide variations can start about friendship invitations and such co-op sessions, so that in this mode there is no delimitation of the cut and uncut variations of Dead Island 2.
International players receive a pop-up message in the game with the sign that the US version is triggered for the duration of the session.
The situation is various with public matchmaking: here US players can just go on a zombie hunt with other US gamers.

On the other hand, players of the worldwide variation, including the PEG version, are randomly thrown together with other global gamers.
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Dead Island 2 will be launched on April 28, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
A restricted Dead Island 2 will be provided soon from participating dealers.
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