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Narutos Suke Retsuden: Naruto And Boruto Get New Anime Starting January 2023

It is not a Naruto remake, and it is not Boru to’s restart that many expected, but it is still exciting news.
The great announcement about Naruto of the Jump Fest 2023 w the confirmation that Leisure Return, one of the manga spin-offs, will have its own anime at the beginning of next year.
It will be a kind of arch within Boru to: Naruto Next Generation and will premiere on January 8, 2023.
Leisure Return w a short novel about Naruto that came out in 2019 and that, given its success, w transformed into manga lt October.
Since then, five free chapters have been published and h become known Naruto: Leisure’s Story-The China and the Heavenly Stardust.
The anime will be integrated into Boru to, which will stop all filling, will focus on it and, once finished, the expected Code Arc will begin.


What is Leisure return about?

Leisure Return is set after Naruto Shipped’s events and shortly before those narrated in Boru to, just at a time when Naruto contracts a deadly disee that makes him unable to use his chakra.
Upon discovering that everything could be the guilt of the so-called Age of the Shadows, Leisure and Sakura leave the mission in search of it and a cure for their friend, undertaking together a trip away from the country of fire that will test the spirit of husband
and woman.
Leisure Return is where the relationship between Leisure and Sakura develops most, explaining a romance that in the first bout stuffs became completely incomprehensible by the cold and distant that both were shown.
The original novel w written by Jun Osaka and had illustrations by Marathi Hhimoto, but his manga adaptation h been carried out by Shinto Timur, who h stopped ego flats to clone Hhimoto’s art and h conquered fans.

The series is already among the most read of manga plus and little by this anime repeats its charm, we are facing one of the great premieres of 2023.