Our Overwatch 2 Heroes List, Ranked From Worst To Best

With 35 heroes to choose from Overwatch 2, it may be difficult to determine which are better or above the rest of the group.
That’s where we enter.
Here is a complete classification of all the characters of Overwatch 2, from worse to better.

Classification of the best OW2 heroes


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Poor symmetry.
Not only is the worst DPS character in Overwatch 2, but is practically the worst character of the game in general.
She is excellent in very specific situations, including Capture The Flag, but as a DPS character, she is terribly disappointing and mediocre.

3. 4.

Doom fist
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Changing Doom fist to the role of tank was probably a good idea, since his place as a DPS character was strange.
However, compared to the rest of the tanks we have, it is also quite disappointing and also very situational.
He is destined to dive, but Winston already does.
Simply better.


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Ma received a great Nerf in Overwatch 2, since his main fire no longer freezes his enemies completely.
It can still have a great impact with Blizzard, but out of that, its primary and secondary shots are not so good in terms of damage production.


Wrecking ball
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Wrecking Ball can cause a lot of damage if you face a team that does not know how to deal with him.
However, there are too many counters who simply stop him.
At the moment when Wrecking Ball loses impulse, he becomes an easy prey.


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Cassidy is still a good DPS option in Overwatch 2;
The problem is that their role is already occupied by other DPS characters that are more mobile than him.
His maximum High Noon ability can still space the enemy team, but his team received a great blow when Blizzard eliminated the flash bang stunning.


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Mercy is easily one of the worst healers of the game, since that is basically everything she does: cure.
In a format of 5 against 5, making your fifth member produce minimum damage can really damage your team in many situations.
Of course, you can still shoot the enemies with their gun, but their main work is to follow someone and cure it, and that does not work so well in Overwatch 2.


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Reinhardt’s actions have definitely fallen into Overwatch 2. It works well as a literal shield, but with so many characters capable of flanking, ducking and taking you off guard, Reinhardt often feels that he has nothing to do more than stay there standing
Without being able to do anything.
While it is shot dead.


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Kenyatta used to be considered as a first level support character, but over time to kill drastically and with only a tank available to peel, it is much more susceptible to flankers.
He still has a shot of the snipers, he is still really motionless, and that makes him a responsibility more than anything else.


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Torsion is not a horrible DPS option in Overwatch 2, but it is still a rather situational character.
Their turrets can help block an area, like Molten Core, which can often close the Kirk Rush Hatsune every time the enemy team makes a great effort.


Pork on the way
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Road hog is another tank character that has not really benefited from the change to the 5V5 format.
He can no longer move freely and flank the teams, since he is the only tank of his own team and needs to protect his teammates.
Unfortunately, his team really does not lend himself well for team protection, since he is still a rather selfish character who focuses on individual murders.


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Baptiste is a good support option in Overwatch 2, although it is not as easy to use as some other characters in the role, and their healing numbers are not exactly so impressive.
He is basically an expert in all trades, and is able to cure, provide support and defense, while inflicting damage at the same time.



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Brigitte was much stronger in the first game, thanks to her ability to stun the enemies and provide additional shields for her team.
Now it is a little less effective in Overwatch 2, but you can bet that it will be more difficult to kill your opponents if they have Brigitte in their team.


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The greatest strength of Echo is its versatility and unpredictability.
However, his greatest inconvenience is that, as an aerial character, he is often very far from his team, and he cannot defend himself exactly in air fights against Pharaoh.


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Fashion remains a solid choice in Overwatch 2. It can no longer remain in its turret form indefinitely, but now it is also much more flexible.
It is basically a version of Soldier more damage, but without the ability to cure.
However, his last could definitely use a benefit.


Soldier: 76
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Soldier: 76 is still the best character to start if you are completely new in Overwatch.
Its kit is simple and easy to use, and it is an excellent way to help with the incorporation process for rookies.
It is not the best dealing with flankers, but it is a solid DPS option that will rarely disappoint you.


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Junk rat’s damage is still crazy, thanks to his ability to launch grenades wherever he goes.
Of course, playing Junk rat actually requires that you have a good position and aim (contrary to popular belief), and launch random grenades will not take you anywhere.



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Sigma is another decent tank option in Overwatch 2, which provides a lot of control to your team.
Their maximum ability allows you to launch the enemy team through the air before crashing them against the ground to cause great damage, and can also mitigate the damage quite well.
His only drawback is that he is not exactly very mobile, and his recharge times are a bit slower.


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Winston is still one of the best diving tanks in Overwatch 2, and its ability to really interrupt the enemy background lines is insurmountable.
Of course, there are risks that come with this style of play, including the low health of the shield and its low damage.
That said, if you are able to tame your reuse times properly and jump inside and out of danger as necessary, it can be very annoying to deal with it.


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If you need to melt a tank quickly, Reaper is your option.
Reaper may not be very good in long-range battles, but as a flanker and direct tank murderer, nobody does better than him.


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Ashe is rapidly rising from rank as one of the most popular DPS options in Overwatch 2. Bob is a fantastic definitive ability that not only distracts the enemy team, but even serves as a secondary tank in case of trouble.
His dynamite does good damage, while giving him a little mobility.
It is a great versatile DPS heroine in the right hands.


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Do not underestimate the lowest healing numbers of Lucio.
He is the only character in the game with the unique ability to increase the speed of his team and sometimes that can make a difference.
He takes his team to the goal quickly and can also offer a good amount of protection with his healing aura and Sound Barrier.


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Moira was one of the most popular support options in the first days of Overwatch 2, thanks to its high performance and damage.

It is incredibly versatile and mobile, with Fade allowing you to move quickly without damage, and your maximum ability can pierce shields.


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As a sniper character, Heinz will only do wonders in the right hands.
However, it cannot be denied that it can offer a lot of use for your team.
You can identify enemy positions with your sonic arrow, and you can also shoot a single shot to almost any DPS or support character in the game.


Widowed maker

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Widow maker occupies almost the same place as Heinz, but we have classified it a little higher due to its greater mobility.
Your grip hook allows you to escape the danger more easily and also allows you to place yourself almost anywhere you want.


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In fact, Pharaoh has benefited a bit in Overwatch 2, thanks to the ping system.
With the ability to fly high in the air, you can quickly detect enemies and point them to your team.
Of course, its damage production remains crazy, since it can launch rockets on its enemies.


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Tracer has remained practically intact since the first day of Overwatch, and for a good reason.
It is very well-balanced and remains a great choice of DPS for any team, assuming that they can give it good use, of course.
It is able to flank enemies effectively, get out of danger quickly and irritate endless tanks.


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Certainly, Kirk is not the best support in Overwatch 2, but it has been very impressive so far.
You need a good line of vision to be effective, but you cannot underestimate your ability to harass the enemy team while supporting your own colleagues.
Not to mention the fact that you can teleport out of danger, even through the walls.
Hatsune Rush is also quite crazy, since it drastically reduces recovery times, allowing your equipment to significantly increase their damage production.
And she can clean her teammates of any negative weakening.


Junker Queen
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Junker Queen is a terrifying tank to face just because of how much he gets up on your face.
His melee attacks are devastating, he can gather his teammates by providing additional health before a fight, and his career completely interrupts enemy training.
Do we need to say more?


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Shadow is in a good place in Overwatch 2 right now.
His piracy ability can seriously disturb his enemies, while ensuring health packages for his own team.
It is a great flanker that is often underestimated due to its lower damage, but that…