NFL Championship Sunday: Live Coverage Of The Eagles Vs. 49ers And Chiefs Vs. Bengals Games


NFC National Championship: Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers in the live ticker

Before the start: At the Miners, who failed in the RAMS in the NFC Championship Game last year, the focus is mostly on rookie quarterback Brock Purdy, who could be the very first rookie QB at all
Before the start: The Eagles have actually remained in the National championship for the seventh time given that 2000
Her previous results were rather mixed, however the last journey lastly brought the big hit.
Before the start: Welcome to the live ticker on the Champion Sunday!
The playoffs in the NFL are as great as we are behind, today the 2 desired Super Bowl tickets are awarded
The NFC National championship begins in between the Eagles and 49ers in the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania
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NFL Playoff: Summary of the Champion Games

Two video games will happen in the NFL playoffs this Sunday
You can watch both games live on DAZN in Germany-choice with German or original US comment
Here you can see the two video games at a glance
Date |
Time |
Home |
29.1.23 |
9:00 p.m. |
Philadelphia Eagles |
San Francisco 49ers
30.1.23 |
0.30 a.m. |
Kansas City Chiefs |
Cincinnati Bengals

Result |
1 \
Quarter |
2 \
Quarter |
3 \
Quarter |
4 \
Philadelphia Eagles |
0 |
San Francisco 49ers |
0 |

Championship Sunday is here, and it has to do with the 2 tickets for the Super Bowl
The Kansas City Chiefs receive the Cincinnati Bengals and then the Philadelphia Eagles satisfy the San Francisco 49ers
SPOT accompanies the action in the live ticker
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NFC Champion Video Game: Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers in the live ticker

Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers