How To Get The Powerful Berserker Armor In Combat Warriors – Roblox

In Combat Warriors, the players developed by Swenzjegames, players participate in battles to kill each other to earn XP and loans.

Then players can use these currencies to increase the level and purchase of weapons.
In addition, players can purchase an ether-a currency used to buy cosmetic objects.
One of many cosmetic objects that players can get is Berserker’s armor based on the armor of Gas fighting in the anime.


You can unlock this armor through the Bundles Cases, which you can buy for 350 ether.
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What makes Berserker armor in Combat Warriors-Roblox

The armor is completely black, the eyes glow bright red and leave along with you the trace when you are walking.
In addition to the fact that because of this, players may be in an unprofitable position, the armor of the berserker is purely cosmetic.
Like all other armor in the game, cosmetic armor gives you the opportunity to configure your character as your beloved heroes of anime and fantasy.
If you really want to complete the appearance of Gas, we recommend that you purchase weapons of dragons killers.
This is a near-fight weapon, which is also known in that it causes a second-largest damage at 54 units of damage.
It will cost you quite a lot of 36,740 loans, but if you practice it well, you can easily destroy others like Gas.
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