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Revisiting The 10 Best N64 Games Of All Time: A 30 Year Retrospective

With 30 years, Nintendo 64 filled many of our childhood with happiness and wonders of 64 bits.
It ran almost three times faster than Sony’s PlayStation and welcomed the favorite games of portable systems to the big screen for the first time (see Pokémon titles below).
So, if you are ever looking to take a path of memory, here are the best N64 games of all time.

The best Nintendo 64 games

The following entries appear without any particular order.
However, these are the 10 best games you can play in Nintendo 64.


Super Mario 64
June 23, 1996, was a transcendental occasion for Nintendo games and several children around the world.
Yes, on this same day, nineteen years ago, we welcomed the Nintendo 64 domestic games console and its flagship, Super Mario 64 title, to our homes for the first time.
Now, it is not common for launch titles to do everything well, since developers are generally still working on the best way to use the new technology.
The first series of games is usually mediocre at best.
This was definitely not the case with Super Mario 64. Mario’s first three-dimensional adventure made the leap successfully since his side displacement days of yesteryear, providing the players more than a dozen unique stages and more than 100 challenges to complete,
Everything while using some of the best potentiates that our Italian hero has seen.
This day.


Mario Kart 64
While we talk about Mario, let’s talk about the Karts’ runner who would end all other kart runners.
Only the second entry into the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart 64 redefined the genre.
To date, it has sold more than its competitors.
Daddy Kong races and combined shock team races, and was almost impossible to leave.
It didn’t matter who was close: you could have fun playing Mario Kart 64 with your brothers and best friends as with your grandparents and your babysitter.
They were challenging but accessible and proven relationships worldwide.
If you can still find your partner in your heart after they hit you with a blue shell and stole the first place, that is a love that will last forever.


Zelda’s legend: Ocarina of Time
Either ocarina of gold time Major mask is the greatest entry into the Legend of Zelda The franchise is a point of much controversy, but the fact is that without the first, we would not have the second.
As Super Mario 64 before that, Ocarina of time was the main adventure of the series in a 3D world, and it was a great success.
From the inside of a sensitive tree deity, to the most frustrating underwater temple in the world, the final diabolical castle where Ganondorf retained the titular princess, we follow Link for the extensive world of Rule and, sometimes, we simply stopped to contemplate the impressive
Never seen in a domestic console.
We even learned some ocarina rhythms on the road that allowed us to call our horse, travel back to the future and make it rain.
Ocarina del Tempo paved the way for Major mask and others to follow him, and is really one of the best experiences available in Nintendo 64.


Pokémon Stadium
Sorry to sound like a scratched album, but Pokémon stadium was the first time we saw the charming pocket monster in three-dimensions correctly made, and it was simply a pleasure.
While the mini-game package is almost worth buying alone (my wife and I still activate it from time to time to play Magical Splash and Sushi-Go-Contound), the most highlighted was definitely to connect his copy of Pokémon Red Gold Pokémon
Blue to Pokémon Stadium and use your own team, carefully selected and personally trained against coaches in the game or even your own friend with your game plugged in.
There was little more than could excite you as much as seeing a Puebla thrown into an adequate sand to reveal your level 100 Harvard that you had spent weeks training and absolutely crushed your opponent.


Super Smash Bros.

So far we have seen the best of Mario, Link and Pikachu.
Here is a crazy idea: What would happen if we could use all these incredibly popular and tremendously successful characters in a single game, where several players can simply take the tar to each other?
That’s exactly what happened.
With a modest (but quite impressive) alignment of only 12 iconic Nintendo characters, including Camus, Kirby and Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros. made for the best party game for four players.
There were stages inspired by the various franchises, including Rule Castle and Yogis Island, and elements of each series to start, such as Super Mushroom and Nests Mario’s and Nests Home-Run Bat.
It was a wonderful Nintendo hodgepodge that has since generated 4 successors, with a cast that now exceeds 50 playable characters.
Ah, and I had the best commercial TV.


Turk: dinosaurs hunter
Okay, obviously a list of games focused on a Nintendo console will include things like Mario and Pokémon, but what about the rest?
The friendly rate not so kind that all the children were playing anyway?
You believe it or not, Nintendo 64 presented many respectable first-person shooting games and that was worth it, an affirmation that recent Nintendo consoles cannot do.
The first title of this type that was launched was Turk: Dinosaur hunter.
Even after having to cut parts of the game to fit in the Nintendo 64 cartridge, Turk still launched with great criticism and was praised by his incredible graphics and the evolution of the genre FPS.
Turk was also the first game developed by third parties of Nintendo 64, which opened the doors for many more after its great success.
In addition, you have to know a lot of dinosaurs closely.
When is that a bad moment?


Golden eye 007
Fact: Golden Eye 007 is the third most selling Nintendo 64 game, behind Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 in the first and second place respectively.
That means that it was literally more successful than all other Nintendo 64 games apart from those two (which include Zelda, Pokémon and Smash), and for a good reason.
Tojo Turk was the instantaneous resource for the FPS action of a single player, Golden Eye 007 immediately became the favorite for multiplayer FPS action.
The campaign for a player remained quite well on its own, but Eye Dorado was the first game of shooting in successful a fun and attractive multiplayer experience in a domestic console.
There were five separate multiplayer modes, all of which were very fun and totally customizable in terms of weapons and winning conditions.
No other shooter was even close to overcoming the quality of golden eye until perfect darkness reached the scene…


Perfect darkness
So, obviously, that is the next point of the agenda.
Completing the incredible shot of shooting games in Nintendo 64, perfect darkness was developed by Rare, who by the way also did golden eye.
In fact, one of the perfect darkness is so good is because it is a spiritual successor of the golden eye, and therefore uses many mechanics and similar characteristics.
Basically, perfect darkness is the game you get when you are tired of Golden Eye and want to try new things.
Of course, it is three newer years, which means that its graphics are also three better years.
Perfect darkness was so intensive in graphics that it was one of the few games that required a Nintendo 64 expansion package to access its campaign for a player and a large part of the multiplayer functions.
For the year 2000, this was an impressive game.


Conker’s bad skins day
Approaching at the end of our list, we arrive at what is possibly the least suitable game for children of all, and Rare’s third consecutive masterpiece: Conker’s bad skins day.
Learning 3D platforms from the above Banjo Kazoo and too much banjo, Rare created a colorful and attractive world for Conker, the red squirrel, to vomit everywhere.
The drunk game begins and stumbling in his way home, and for the end he will have fought against a lot of opera singing shit, bounced in the voluptuous breasts of a stacked sunflower and made an excellent recreation of The Matrix.
In addition to the color palette, on the day of the bad conker skins was the opposite pole of everything that represented the Nintendo 64, and worked brilliantly.


Pokémon Snap

As a culmination to this celebration of the best and brightest Nintendo 64 is Snap Pokémon.
If you ever read a list of the best Nintendo 64 games and Snap Pokémon is not in that, it’s wrong.
There are no yeses, and, or by this;
That list is garbage.
Snap Pokémon is a game in which you travel on an island in a buggy and take photos of Pokémon.
It is the definition of easy to learn, impossible to dominate, since you will always find new ways of interacting with the Pokémon throughout the island.
You will get new elements as it progresses, which will encourage you to return to the past stages to find poses and groups of more fun creatures.

If I had to be morning, the only defects are criminally short that is the game and how of the 151 original monsters, only 63 appear.
I don’t know, but I think it’s time for us to have a new version.


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