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Is Elden Ring Set To Receive A DLC On Its 1st Anniversary? What Fans Think!

Elden Ring will celebrate his first year in February and fans of the title launched by From software are eager to discover more on intermediate lands… Thanks to a DLC, for example.
For several months, rumors abound in networks and the slightest information serves to revive speculation about it.

After Elden Ring won the game of the year at The Game Awards 2022, Hideaway Miyazaki said we would not know anything about the game, but… the wait has become long.
Although the Japanese company has the habit of launching a DLC 8/9 months after the launch of its productions, it seems that many players are impatient.
Of course, we had the coliseums last December, but they expected something much more colossal on the agenda.

There is movement in From software

Internet users usually have some insight and anything that happens on the platform or in applications such as Steam, it is very complicated to go unnoticed.
In the Elden Ring test in Steam, several suspicious activities were detected.
You can see several updates, including recurring purification.
All this may seem very harmless… however, the last time such updates were recorded on this page was shortly before the DLC announcement on the coliseums.
The latter had allowed the players to explore these mysterious buildings of the underworld to carry out clashes in PVP or EVE.
Not really substantial, but enough to take care while waiting for a more… interesting DLC

A colossal DLC?

Not long ago, the Lance McDonald data miner revealed key information about the future (still potential) DLC of Elden Ring.
In the past, the arrival of the famous coliseum had leaked, or even several updates on production.
Therefore, Lance knows the From software game well and regularly reveals key information about it.
This time he wrote on a Discord server talking about a DLC that is in development in the Japanese company.
According to him, the additional content would be huge.


Will they be the new missions, the new maps, the new characters that players expect so much?
The data miner adds that he does not know anything about the DLC: neither his game, nor his missions, nor his plot.
The only thing that is sure is that it will be substantial and could well add several additional hours to Elden Ring.
If this information turns out to be true, it would be exactly what the players expect.
Even so, From software has not confirmed anything yet.
The company is still very discreet and has revealed little information about an upcoming DLC.
Will the Shardless receive a great announcement on the anniversary of Elden Ring?