Unlock Two Points Of Strength On Dead Space Remake Easily With This Secret Code

We explain here how to unlock 2 points of strength easily via a little code on Dead Area Remake.
The code needs advancing a little in the game, it is not something that you are going to compose however a chain to carry out in a specific area in order to unlock these additional points.

How to unlock 2 points of strength through a code?

Specific codes and secrets of the Remake version of Dead Area require being in a particular location to lead to a series of movements in the order.
Thus, for this code, you will have to find yourself in a red dancing circle, situated on the primary deck (see our map below).
There, place yourself in the circle and perform the following movements, in the order.

  • Body to body = the punch
  • Crush = the sort of kick on the ground
    Code: body to body-body to body-crush-body to body to body-crush-crush-body to body to body-crush-crush
    At the end of this series, two points of strength will appear on the ground, you will then have to pick them up.
    Keep in mind that you will not have the ability to integrate more extra powers by reusing this code in the same backup.
    If you do not recuperate your benefits, there are two services: the very first is Queen chaining the code, you have actually come out of the red circle.
    The 2nd is that your code is inaccurate.


Leave the circle and begin once again from the start of the Actions.
Much for our little code of the code to unlock two extra points of strength on Dead Area Remake.
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