WoW Makers Promise: No Trading Post Rewards Lost Despite Commercial Post Bug

The trading position, which was triggered one week after the release of WoW Patch 10.0.5, began rather rough.
For several hours, the new function, which is reminiscent of a season pass or a season journey, needed to be deactivated due to the fact that there were problems with the output of the trading post currency dealerships or since it was registered by items as incorrectly registered by the video game.
When the trading position was offered once again on day 2, the developers of WoW (buy now) pointed out that there are problems with the registration of the effective completion of the criteria that you must meet in the travel journal for extra dealer
The Ash’ Adar install benefit was not put in the chest of the trading position for some WoW gamers.
The designers of the online role-playing video game assured to get this problem under control by the end of the week (actually today, February 5, 2023).
And what about the front now?

no losses from Ash’ Adar or dealer.

Probably since of this on February 5, 2023, Community Kiev spoke up again in the official WoW forums, with the following message: We recognized an issue that avoids the player from dealing with the dealership and Ash’ Adar.


To get from the travel diary.
We do not think that credit or development has been lost, and we believe that the expected rewards should be discovered in your cumulative chest as quickly as the mistake is fixed..
If you have the feeling or the knowledge that something has actually been lost to you, then have a little patience.
Due to the fact that just if the repaired on the WoW servers has obviously not yet happened-you will understand whether you truly have a loss from dealership treasures or in regard to Ash’ Adar.
As quickly as the designers let something state in this regard, you can learn from us.
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Susanne Braun.