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Get Ready For Action: The Explosive Trailer For Dead Island 2: Stuntfrau Carla Is Here!

In the evenings, Deep Silver and Dam buster Studios present us a brand-new brief trailer for the upcoming zombie action video game Dead Island 2.
With this we learn more about Carla, who begins as a motorcyclist with a certain style in the apocalypse.

an intense zombie slayer

From the official side it states to Carla: As a motorbike stunt female, fire tires, canyons and air anti Carla’s are bread every day, so such a zombocalypse is in fact not a big deal.


It is quite smart, a little extroverted and absolutely trained.
So the best prerequisites to enthusiastically cut the method through Hell-A.
Carla likewise brings 2 interesting abilities.
Last fight offers it a moderate toughness increase as long as her health is in the critical area.
With Mosh Pit she can, in turn, increase her attack power a little when a number of zombie neighbors.
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Dead Island 2 will be launched on April 28, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X/S, the Xbox One and the PC.
The gamers can look forward to a very bloody adventure to come with a great deal of gore.
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Here is the new trailer for Carla:
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