New World Leaderboards Live Tomorrow: What To Expect From The Dev Team

For some time now, the New World team has been appealing Leaderboards. The latest episode of Forged in Sternum is out and the devs talk about why the delay and why this is coming now, ahead of other requested functions.

As a long-promised feature that seems incorporated into a lot of moving forward, tomorrow’s launch is an essential one for the team.

For a long time now, the New World group has actually been promising Leaderboards. They’ve acknowledged that it was on the roadmap for last year, and that they hadn’t gotten to it. The most current episode of Created in Sternum is out, and the devs speak about why the delay and why this is coming now, ahead of other asked for functions.

This brand-new episode follows the statement that Leaderboards are releasing tomorrow, February 7th, in New World. There’s a deep dive into all the details about this function, and how it will work. There are a variety of classifications and subcategories within those that you can go for in order to make your mark on Sternum.

There are prospective leaderboards in 3v3 arenas, Station Rush, open world PVP for gamers and factions, invasion, Mutated Expeditions, and more. These leaderboards are divided in between function types Eve, PVP, and things like Faction War (consisting of Territory Control). Amongst all of these categories are 50 subcategories. If you’re a fan of setting goals to make your mark and rank up for benefits, now’s your time to shine.

After community feedback and information, Laser likewise keeps in mind that through the PTR, they worked to figure out what leaderboards might be most likely to possibly have some individuals trying to game the system a little. The Amazon group actively made those less gratifying.

Future content releases will be assisted by setting the structures now by including the Leaderboards.


When it comes to the question of why now, a great deal of it boils down to what they are working on for the future. Future material releases will be helped by setting the foundations now by adding the Leaderboards. Or as Lead Engineer Scott Laser puts it, this will help enrich the material that were going to be pushing out.

You can read far more details about Leaderboards over at New World.