Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Is a Legendary Third Coming on the Horizon? Community Theories Abound!

Despite the many criticisms of bugs and graphics, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet seem to have enchanted players around the world.
With a ninth Pokémon generation to discover in Pale, beginner coaches were able to freely explore this open world, a novelty for the Nintendo franchise.
But there are those who are looking forward to seeing a DLC-FOORDING FROM THE COMMUNITY WORDS, A LIARY THIRD POKÉMON may appear!

A third legendary Pokémon is coming?

On Reddit, fans of Pokémon’s last work are constantly exploring the smallest of the tracks for new content… and they may well have found something quite relevant.
The community is pointing out what would be the largest track of the new legendary of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
The latter would come from a post-game interaction with Arden: after talking to him several times at the gym, he will show the coaches a book that potentially reveals a legendary future, whose partially hidden description describes it as a d [i] SCO mi
[S [Tedium] IO, [] Ill ante.


Alongside this mysterious allusion, another page shows the representation of an imagined Pokémon, which differs according to the versions:
In Scarlet, it is a fusion of the three legendary Pokémon (Suicide, Enter and Haiku) by Photo.
Violet displays more or less the same mixture for Nova’s trio (VIRGINIAN, TERRAIN and Cobain).
Could these illustrations shown by Arden really be the description of a legendary future Pokémon?
Again, both versions-scarlet and violet-introduce a different creature.
Of course, players believe these new Pokémon will appear through DLC.

It would not be the first time

In previous games of the franchise the Game Freak teams sometimes added legendary in a DLC.

For Sword and Shield the additional content The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra ought with new legendary creatures.
Therefore, it would not be so surprising to see a DLC present this type of content in Scarlet and Violet.
For now, none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo or Game Freak teams.
Despite the many rumors of DLC, it seems that the two companies want to keep a grade-part of the mystery around possible additional content.
It will be necessary to have patience before hearing about it because the game is still quite new and, in the past, such ads were made on average a year after the release of a Pokémon production.
Despite everything, it seems that the community is on a very interesting path…