Fixing the Hogwarts Legacy Robot Voice Error: Step-by-Step Guide | Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can create your witch or wizard and go on a magical journey.


You can configure them at your discretion, including the choice and change of voice.
However, some players face a mistake when using a tone height, due to which their character has the voice of the robot.
If you are faced with this problem, you may be interested in how to correct the error of a robotic voice in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to fix the error of a robotic voice in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, there it is not like correction at the time of writing for an error of a robotic voice.
This means that players should wait for updating or patch to solve this problem.
The problem occurs when using a voice slider, so the error is probably related to this function.

If you do not use the voice slider, you must be safe from the error of the robotic voice.
Fans hope that the patch of the first day will correct this, but we did not receive confirmation whether this is true.
Some players successfully reported a fixed error by going into the menu and changing the tone height in the sound parameters section back to the middle.
If you are still suffering from this error, the only option at the moment may be to turn off the dialogue or sound or pushing the voice.
The main character says a lot throughout the game, so you will often hear him.
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