Dead Space Remake: Give Your Plasma Cutter a Boost with Weighted Blades Update!

A particular update of Cutter plasma in the new version of Dead Space can make the initial gun especially powerful.
Any dead space Remake players who want to give a great boost to their plasma cutter should consider obtaining the update of weighted blades for him.
The remake of Dead Space of Motive Studio is a recreation mostly faithful to the original Dead Space game, so it retains many of the main characteristics of the game that were present in the original 2008.
One of the great characteristics of both the original Dead Space game and the new 2023 version is the ability to update the team.
Using nodes that the protagonist Isaac Clarke can find scattered by the unfortunate USG Chimera, the players of the new version of Dead Space can significantly increase the capabilities of his arsenal.

One of the best weapons to spend nodes is the iconic plasma cutter, easily one of the most useful weapons of the whole game.
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The new version of Plasma Cutter in the Dead Space is as powerful as its original 2008.
Best improvements.


In addition to the updates that players buy with the nodes, there are complementary updates that players can obtain for…