Do Side Quests Disappear? Uncover the Mysteries of Hogwarts Heritage!

In the world of Hogwarts’s heritage, there is something to do, both in Hogwarts and beyond.


From puzzles to the main story you will be engaged in non-stop, and do not forget that there are many side quests that need to be performed.
With such a large card you will need a lot of time for adventure, so it’s great that even if you decide to set priorities in your main plot quests, you will not have to worry about the fact that you will miss something.

can side quests expire in Hogwarts Legacy?

The shield icon and gray markers on your map and compass indicate all side quests around.
You can also find their list in the quest menu under the same symbol with a little greater information.
Sometimes you can also get a message with an owl from someone to perform a side quest, although for most of them you will need to talk to a person to start.
Some side quests do not open until you reach a certain part of the main story or open a new place.
Your side quests will remain in your quests’ menu until you get to them.
So even if you decide to leave and complete some other tasks, they will be there when you are ready.
Some quests can also be inaccessible to a certain season in which you are.
However, do not worry that you will miss something.
Even if you reach a certain season and notice that the quest is not available at this time, all side quests will be available again when you finish history and reach a free roaming mode.
Side quests are great for obtaining unique awards, additional galleons or even experience to increase the level.

Some of these quests are even considered quests for relationships, because they determine your position among peers in Hogwarts.
There are many quests that you need to open, so follow this little gray marker of the shield.
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