Olympic Champion Canadas Women Footballers End Strike After One Day | Equality of Wage & Lack of Support

The footballers of Olympic champ Canada ended their strike in the defend equality of wage and supposedly absence of support on the part of the National Football Association on Saturday after simply one day.


In a main letter from the team, the factor is that the Canada Soccer Association has threatened with legal steps.
The Canadian ladies will satisfy the huge rival U.S.A. in the She believes Cup on Thursday.
You informed us that if we do not go back to the square and compete against the United States, you would not just take legal action, said a statement by the player association, you may likewise be compensated for the association and the present group members
Need millions.
As captain Christine Sinclair explained, the guys would have gotten almost 7.7 million euros in assistance in 2021, the women around 3.5 million.
In the past, the benefits would have only 2.8 and 2.6 million euros.

Bayern star Davies supports Canada’s women

The group was disappointed, the players had actually previously discussed their action and wrote of an inappropriate tension that needed immediate modifications.
From that moment on, we will not take part in any activities till this is clarified-whether the training is whether these are video games suffices, Sinclair had discussed to the broadcaster TSN.

The Canadian association had formerly reduced the days in the training school and clocked the activities on website too closely, which would have an unfavorable influence on the group’s World Cup preparations, the explanation states: We are sorry, constantly for fair and very same treatment
to need to fight.
The men’s nationwide team around Bayern star Alphonso Davies supports the women with all my heart.
The lady’s World Cup will occur in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20, as the Tokyo Olympic champion, Canada is one of the fellow favorites