Streamer Ittsliker Locked for Life After Cheating on Money – Twitch Offers Chance of a New Life

A scandal ended in September 2022 the profession of the English Twitch banner Attoliter.
Now he dared to return, thanked the second chance-and was quickly banned by the streaming platform.
Why did the streamer require a second chance?
In September 2022, accusations versus Slider were loud that he had actually cheated on other content developer and viewers for countless euros: In private news, the banner needs to have turned to the people concerned, told them a sad story and then asked for money.
He desired to pay the money back within 2 months, he just needed to clarify the issues with his bank, the entire thing was terribly uneasy, please treat it confidentially, according to the mesh of Slider.
What was behind it?
In reality, however, he utilized the cash to finance his betting dependency: In an emotional apology video, he stated that he had actually obtained more and more cash in the hope of getting enough to be able to pay back the previous debts.
In overall, Slider is stated to have actually accumulated a minimum of EUR 200,000 in financial obligation, some sources even mentioned more than EUR 300,000.
Other larger streamers (XQC and Ludwig) finally provided to compensate those affected.
Many also demanded that the streamer needs to be permanently prohibited by Twitch, but this did not occur.
Now, in February 2023, months later on, Slider was actually blocked by the platform.

Slider apparently planned a comeback

What is the development now?
On January 26, Slider thanked Via Twitter for a second opportunity in life.
It was the first activity on the account because October 2022. It appeared like Plane Slider his return to Jerk.
On the very same day, a stream was released on the Twitch channel, which was quite unusual: instead of the banner, a Guy Fawkes mask was revealed on a black background, and laughter was heard.


The stream title This Channel is Mine Now, so this channel belongs to me was an extra sign that something was not entirely.
On February 7, it was finally announced that the channel had been completely prohibited.
In addition, the partner status and subscription button of the channel were eliminated.

Band causes confusion

Why is the spell just now?
Slider critics are puzzled why the spell has actually just been imposed now, months after it came out that Slider had actually ripped off his Twitch coworkers and viewers.
It could be that the lock has nothing to do with it.
As the US side of Desert reports, Slider mentioned in chat logs to have been hacked.

The mystical stream was not at all.
He had actually streamed on his second channel, which had actually now likewise been obstructed.
It is still unclear exactly what happens to the channels of Slider and whether he can take action against the lock must actually be a hacker behind it.
His Twitch return is most likely moving at an indefinite period.
The scandal about Slider not only cost him the career himself, however also another huge banner: For Matthew Mickie Rinaldo, it had been steeply uphill up until September 2022, but then he put on Twitter.
A streamer slams gambling on Twitch, suddenly at the center of a shit storm for sexual attack and bigotry