77 Vlog Collectibles in Hi-Fi Rush: An In-Depth Guide to Finding All Locations

  • VLOG # 21-Barrier Umbrella Test-enters the 3rd test room.
    The procedure is located on the computer system left wing of the robotic researcher.
  • VLOG No. 22-E-Mail to support the test laboratory-after the 3rd test space before utilizing another rail traffic system, you will discover the VLOG on the primary course.

Track 4: Less spending plan, more problems.

  • VLOG No. 23-Personnel allowance complaint-enters the laboratory after you have taken the wall with Macaron.
    You will discover the vlog left wing.
  • VLOG No. 24-Automatically conserved private message-After Mac has reached the ether, turn around and climb the leading edges behind you to discover the VLOG at the top.
  • VLOG # 25-Disgruntled Decaf Revenge-While you are on the circular platform, Macaron will beat a stone with a green color.
    Go to the right to jump over the lava and on the rocks.
    Take the courses to the next section to find the VLOG for a deal with the back.
  • VLOG No. 26-Development-Night Inspect List-go past the AR room and the cavern to go back to the lab.


You can discover the vlog on a table on a table on the left.

Track 5: outbreak.

  • VLOG No. 27-Defect Capture E-Mail-Back back to your cell at the start of the level, and you will discover the VLOG on a computer system on the right side.
  • VLOG # 28-annoyed by Corsica FWD-on among the rear computers in the main area.
    It is in the room where you spoke with a service technician robot.
  • VLOG # 29-Poem by SCR-UB-It lies in the entrance area to the safety node 2. Go through the door after leaving the elevator to discover the Vog in a room on the left side.
  • VLOG No. 30-Vandelay Video game Studios-will be available after you have finished the game.
    Continue to the course after having actually hit the door to knot 1, and you will discover it in front of you.
  • VLOG # 31-FWD: Information Node Advice-in a tab up the very first ramp when you go towards Route 3.
  • VLOG # 32-Corsica complaints-don’ t take the elevator after leaving knots 3.
    Go left and dive over the platforms.
    Go to the left platform and use it to reach the platform on which the VLOG lies.
  • VLOG # 33-Musings About Information Node-in the central location on a catwalk where Tec-78 works on the large node.
  • VLOG No. 34-in relation to complaints about the layout of wing 1-on among the computer systems on the left of knot 1.

Track 6: Lift me up.

  • VLOG No. 35-Elevation BAU cited-If you move along the likely passage, you will discover it to your.

Track 7: The climb.

  • VLOG # 36-Platform Construction Note-at the beginning of the level right next to the forklift.
  • VLOG # 37-Too numerous Domingo left at the end of the second 2D area and jump onto the platform.
    Follow the path, and you will lastly see the VLOG on the flooring.
  • VLOG # 38-Suspicious Doors-go to the next space after the fight in the second 2D scene.
    Take the stairs up, but rather of walking through the door next to the shop, increase the stairs to the right, where you can discover the VLOG network to the Spectra door at the top.
  • VLOG No. 39-Data node independence email-use Macaron to break the door after the first battle in the laser space.
    The vlog is situated on the ideal side of the space.
  • VLOG # 40-Pmidge press release-only readily available after you have actually completed the video game.
    In the room you have simply burglarized, go upwards and utilize your partner’s capability to snuff out the flames.
    Now enter the formerly obstructed door to see the VLOG that rests on the left.
  • VLOG # 41-Downties-after your course has been blocked by lasers, go to the close-by space where you need to take the door.
    The blog site is on the.
  • VLOG # 42-WARNING about food deliveries-in Corsica’s office, outside the primary doors.

Track 8: A history hour.

  • VLOG # 43-Armstrong Festival Marketing-at the start of the level, on the edge of the ticket switch.
  • VLOG # 44-Project Armstrong Tombola Results-before going through the fire-blocked door.
    In the 2nd part of the opening location.
  • VLOG # 45-Load-below after deleting the fire.
  • VLOG # 46-take a break in the park-take an appearance back prior to strolling through the broken wall with yellow tapes.
  • VLOG # 47-GNR-020 Display-First robot statue in the museum, left.
  • VLOG # 48-Bes-102 Display-Second robot statue on the left of the museum.
  • VLOG # 49-BL-1Z5 Display-Third robotic statue left wing of the museum.

Van delay blogs in Hi-fi Rush provide some excellent insights into the characters in the video game.
Due to the fact that 77 VLOGs are dispersed through the video game, gathering them all is not a simple job.
If you are a fan of the traditions, this guide must certainly work.
In addition, gathering all of them unlocks the achievement I have actually read all of these things, so we begin without more ado.

Track 1: A brand-new start

  • VLOG No. 1-to all employees-after the QA structure intermediate series in Track 1 you will discover the tablet near the 2nd part of the life display screen.
  • VLOG No. 2-Battery Load Production-After you have driven up the elevator, you will discover the tablet in the room with a foldable ventilation opening that sits on a console.
  • VLOG # 3-EOL memory of the old generation-after you have actually performed the special attack and beat the robots, the door opens to the next area.
    You can discover the VLOG in the severe left corner soon before you climb up the shipping boxes to the right.
  • VLOG # 4-Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Get in-go to the left before going to the right after the fight versus the very first huge opponent.
  • VLOG # 5-O5-KAR System Musings-After defeating the big robot and his henchmen, hear a remark about the result.
    You will discover the log computer on the right, right before you get in the door marked with QA Examine.

Track 2: Switch on

  • VLOG # 6-Unsleted complaint-go left towards the huge door at the beginning of the chapter.
    It is near the vending maker where two robots will talk about it on the bench.
  • VLOG # 7-HR Auto-Surveillance Recording-follow the white catwalk to the right after you have actually reached the big open space.
    Go into the first space you will come across, and the computer system with the VLOG is located to the left of the strong glass window.
  • VLOG No. 8-HR Claim No. 32483902855180850195-go up the catwalk after the fight with the orange robot.
    Rather of going to the right, they leap from the catwalk to the moving ship containers.
    Go on till you see the computer system with the VLOG.
  • VLOG # 9-Tram Line Issues-After the dive pads and the huge battle, you will see a warning indication on your method outside.
    The output is on the vlog and the right left.
  • VLOG No. 10-Presentation of the arrow-use peppermint to shoot the button and use the platform to get to the walkway.
    Follow the walkway till you come throughout some boxes on the right on which the VLOG lies.
  • VLOG # 11-Behind the Showmanship: Sit down with Recargo to the location with the foyer of the production wing at the end of the level (where the reception and the receptionist lie).
    The VLOG is on the benches to the right of a number of health pickups.

Track 3: Trial by (Volcanic Fire).

  • VLOG # 12-R & D Service Log: Part 1-go up the ramp after the very first fight and jump over the fence to your.
  • VLOG # 13-R & D Service Log: Part 2-After you defeated the robots in the arena and used the rail transportation system, climb down to a lower level.
    The VLOG lies on a table to the left of the worker location.
  • VLOG No. 14-F & e-service procedure: Part 3-After Peppermint has dropped the stone into the lava and combated versus the robots, follow the path up to find the vlog on the ideal side.
    It will be shortly prior to they get on the moving platforms.
  • VLOG # 15-R & D Service Log: Part 4-After you have actually discovered Log 3, dive over two platforms to discover part 4 best beside the dead robotic.
    It is right before you get on another rail traffic system.
  • VLOG # 16-Zanzos Order Request-go to the left according to the transition system rather of going to the research study and development department.
    The VLOG lies near the vending maker on a bench.
  • VLOG No. 17-LU-C1LLE Self-therapy diary-in the research and development department on a desk behind the receptionist.
  • VLOG No. 18-Barrier Innovation Test Results-After you have actually reached Labor 44, where the robot is shot, go to the computer system with the VLOG left beside the stairs.
  • VLOG No. 19-Punch-to-face test results-interact with another computer on the other to get the VLOG.
  • VLOG # 20-offensive capabilities test-before the 2nd test area over the reception.
    Use the servers to get to the area.

  • VLOG # 50-SBR-001 Display-First robot statue on the right of the museum.

  • VLOG # 51-ES-101 Display-Second robotic statue on the right of the museum.

  • VLOG # 52-BA-B00 Display-Third robot statue on the right of the museum.
  • VLOG # 53-Reminder to reception-at the reception, in the museum’s lobby.
  • VLOG # 54-Brut-1l display-After you have actually climbed the stairs from the lobby, look for the first statue on the.
  • VLOG # 55-Our community assistant: BA-B00-After you have actually climbed the stairs from the lobby, look for the 2nd statue on the.
  • VLOG # 56-Sen-C0 Display-If you see a vending maker below, read its description for the VLOG.
  • VLOG # 57-Disappointed O5-Car-after leaving the trigger and the pipelines climbed up, you can see the VOG on the shelves beneath.
  • VLOG # 58-Water generator complaint-after you let the times run over the energized water and have actually changed off the electrical energy, you will find the VLOG beside the generator.
  • VLOG # 59-Display Complaints-You return to the museum near the ceiling after using Corsica to erase the fire in the door.
    The vlog lies right behind packages.
  • VLOG No. 60-KEM-0N0 display-VLOG is on the left of…