Valentines Day WhatsApp Messages for Family, Friends and Couples: Brighten Their Day with Love!

You often lack the words for what you feel.
But these WhatsApp messages provide radiant faces on Valentine’s Day.
Dortmund-On Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day is.
Whether with gifts, time together or nice words-there are so many opportunities to make others happy on the day of love.
Only what if you just don’t find the right words for what you feel?
Or want to shine with something other than roses, chocolates and I love you?

Valentine’s Day 2023: German couples are less loving than couples from other countries

Some are particularly looking forward to the day of love.
Others see him rather pure money-making.
And one or the other single is just annoyed by the falling in love of the others.
You can keep what you want from Valentine’s Day.
But one should not forget one thing.
In a world where it always means higher, faster, further, often no time is taken for each other (more service news at ).
This was also confirmed by a current international study from Nature Briefing.
In Germany, partnerships are less loving than in other countries.
And in view of this result, romantic muffle should also think about a few nice words.

Valentine’s Day 2023: Nice words for lovers to send couples to send

Since Valentine’s Day is during the week this year, many will probably work first.


Even if a Romanesque dinner is already planned in the evening, you can still send these lovely words over WhatsApp in the morning and make your loved one to smile.
If you would like to send something unusual, this number code could be just the thing.
It contains a hidden message with a special meaning.

Valentine’s Day 2023: It doesn’t always have to be just the partner-dear words for family and friends

If you are not in a relationship, you might just want to say friends or the family how important you are.
After all, they often accompany us all of our life and deserve to be reminded with these beautiful sayings:
If you are not enough for nice words alone, you could still think about a gift.
Roses are the classic.
But there are also many other gifts that are creative and something very special.
Rubric list picture: © Anna Shevchenko / Imago