Red dead redemption 2

Celebrate the End of 9 Years of Development: Dead Island 2 Launches April 21st!

Before the game launch, the master CD with the final completion of the game is completed.
The development doesn’t end at all because there are optimization and subsequent updates, but even then, declaring a gold to Gold means that the game is completed.
It’s not new because it’s a process of all games, but this game is different.
It took nine years since its first release in 2014.
This is the story of Dead Island 2.

Play on’s Deep Silver and Dam buster Studio finally declared GONE GOLD of Dead Island 2 at midnight at Korea.
In addition, he announced that he decided to launch Friday on Friday, April 21, 2023, ahead of the release date to commemorate this and repay the long-term fans.

The stage of Dead Island 2 is Los Angeles.
However, the name of calling the city has changed slightly in the work.
As the deadly virus spreads, hell-A is covered with zombies and blood.
As we can see from the name Hell A, more threatening situations and zombies from the previous work block the player.


Zombies are more diverse, and they will be armed with demanding attack styles, providing the most realistic and breathtaking zombie action experiences among the zombie games of all time.

Dead Island 2, which is going to provide a realistic and breathtaking zombie action experience, is not as dark as it is.
Like its predecessor, Dead Island, Dead Island 2’s action reminds me of black comedy.
In the released video, he introduced an exaggerated action that sweeps the enemies with bare hands, melee weapons, and various firearms with light music that does not match the atmosphere.

As the release is confirmed, it is expected that the marketing of Play on Deep Silver will be further accelerated.
In this regard, Deep Silver announced that it will release more gameplay and trailers before its launch.

The first-person zombie action RPG ‘Dead Island 2’, which is played on the stage, will be released on April 21 with the Epic Games, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, CSX | s on PC.
In addition, the digital version can be reserved through each platform store.