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Dead Island 2 Surprises Fans – Zombie Action Game Reaches Gold Status & Releases One Week Early!

Surprise for everyone who is looking forward to the release of Dead Island 2.
As publisher Plain reveals, the title has reached gold status, so it is totally developed.
In the course of this, it was chosen to offer the publication date of the zombie action game.
Dead Island 2 still appears in April, but a week earlier than prepared:
New release for Dead Island 2: 21.

April 2023
We can now cut ourselves through zombie crowds 7 days earlier than planned in the virtual Los Angeles.
If designers Deep Silver had actually followed the original schedule, we would even do so at the moment, since at first February 3 was planned as a release date, but this was relocated to the 2023 date last November.


Now the brand-new shift, but in the other instructions.

Dead Island 2: What was that once again?

In Dead Island 2, the gamers battle alone or in the co-op in the first individual viewpoint through a zombie Armageddon in Los Angeles.
The focus is mainly on the close battles against the numerous undead variants, however there are likewise handguns, shotguns and other firearms.
The video game consists of numerous extensive levels that are more and less linearly developed, but does not offer totally free open world.
The 6 playable characters have private special skills and discussion alternatives.
Skill points can be rearranged at any time to quickly adapt the playing design.
The entire thing is held together by a thorough pulp story and various missions by different customers.
Dead Island 2 appears for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and the PC.
It was announced in mid-December that the title in Germany will receive a US approval from the age of 18, but we will not appear uncut.
What do you say about Dead Island 2 to the early release?