Build a Defensive Wall and Survive the Island in Sons of the Forest

On the island in Children of the Forest, all kinds of risks live.
You will begin with the building of the shelter, but as quickly as you discover adequate resources (and also the required devices), you will need to develop a safety wall surface for yourself so as not to allow bad cannibals and mutated beasts.
They are specifically useful when running away from groups of adversaries;
Just go to your cabin and also wait up until they leave, since the defensive walls are exceptionally sturdy, and it is difficult to break them.
It is good that developing a Sons of the Woodland defensive wall is fairly basic.
All you need is two items to begin construction.

just how to build a defensive wall so as not to allow enemies

You require two things to begin making a wall surface.
It is better to collect among the needed products from the beginning of the video game.
An essential required element is the publication;
You need a great deal of them.
You can accumulate logs lowering trees and also adding them to your inventory.
You can also instruct Kevin to do this on your part.
He can explore the locations to accumulate logs, assisting you build a protective wall surface rapidly.
Another subject required to develop strong walls is an ax.
You get this product from the beginning of the video game, so you have nothing to stress over.
Having obtained an adequate number of logs, you can equip logs and also start to make a wall.
Select numerous logs from your inventory as well as click with the appropriate computer mouse button to change the direction of the logs from horizontal to upright.
You require looking in the direction of the planet and also await the look of a white circle.
This circle indicates where you should place logs.


Location as several logs as you want to build a defensive wall surface in accordance with your requirements and also a stock of logs.
After putting logs, you require concentrating their top edges.
The ax goes into the game for this work.
A red indication will appear on the logs, suggesting where you should reduce.
You need to hold the left click as well as push it once more to quit.

Do this with all the logs, as well as you will certainly have a strong, indestructible protective wall surface of the sons of the woodland that protects your base.