Free Avatars for PS4 & PS5 Owners to Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West!

Sony disperses gifts-to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of Horizon Forbidden West there are cost-free avatars for your PSN account.


In this post we describe how you redeem the code.

Sony disperses complimentary Perspective avatars for PS4 and also PS5

Horizon Forbidden West celebrated his first birthday on February 18, 2023.
In order to commemorate this correctly, Sony likewise has something for players on PS4 and PS5 in his luggage: gifts.

In order to raise your PSN profile, there are eleven totally free images.
Designer Guerilla Games shares the codes on Twitter that you need to redeem:
In enhancement to the lead character Ally, the set includes Totally, Sales, Alva, Gaia, Earl and Trend.
The latter have also been known because Zero Dawn.
You additionally want avatars to Death Beaching 2?
Kolyma recently tossed a round of complimentary things:

So you can redeem the code in the PlayStation Store

Simply call the PlayStation Shop on the PS5 or PS4.
There you will locate the opportunity to retrieve a code.
After that enter the code for Europe B2B9-X5NK-494R.
You can download the eleven totally free avatars.
The second journey of Ally continues in April, after that the initial story DLC Burning Shores will certainly appear.
This leads the brave warrior into the ruins of Los Angeles, that are gone across by lava flows.
Sadly, just PS5 owners will appreciate the story expansion, PS4 players go away empty-handed (source: Guerilla Gaming).
Right here you can see the trailer for Burning Shores: