Tera Battles: Experience the Best Incursions of Iron Leaves and Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are receiving two new Pokémon Paradoxes: Iron Leaves and Walking Wake.
The two Pokémon are available in The Raid battles, which leaves many people naturally wondering which is the best counterattacks to Iron Leaves and Walking Wake There Raids are.
While the Raid battles are limited, there are some easy ways to counteract the Pokémon Paradox.

General things to consider counteracting Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

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These two Paradox Pokémon have level 75, so it is important to use a fairly high level monster against them to survive their attacks and at the same time inflict decent damage on your own.
Paradox Pokémon at this level practically requires that players’ terrain their own Pokémon if they want to have any chance of success.
However, to do this, players must use a specific amount of movements.
If they cannot cross the attacks by Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, then your Pokémon cannot attack and will take too much Elasticize time.
This will let you fight to beat the clock if you can.

How to counteract iron sheets in purple Pokémon

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Iron Leaves has a psychic type, but common counters such as dark type Pokémon do not work due to the Iron Leaves movement group.


This Raid generally favors things like Pokémon and Steel Pokémon error that can inflict great damage.
Unfortunately, Slither Wing is not a viable option because its secondary type Fighting is weak for the psychic attacks of Iron Leaves.

The best options include Sailor or Volcano.
Depending on the Pokémon you take, you may have to make the raid several times to be lucky with the movements that Iron Leaves uses against you.

Ambulance Estela counters in Scarlet Pokémon

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When it comes to counteracting Walking Wake, players will want to use an electric type Pokemon due to the Walking Wake and the Term movements set.
While Pokémon Paradox has a Water Theme type, he knows the flamethrower movement, which will instantly eliminate any grass Pokémon.
However, a high-level electric fighter will not suffer too much damage and can distribute the damage.
Pokémon like Amparo and Lux ray are excellent options, and Sandy Shocks and Iron Hands can be incredible (honestly, if any of these Po-Paradox Pokemon is level enough, using them makes the incursions feel much easier).

How to find Walking Wake and Iron Leaves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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While Walking Wake is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet and Iron Leaves is exclusive to Pokémon Violet, the online Portal Poke allows players to connect with the Raids worldwide.
The only thing that is required is that players have an online Nintendo Switch membership.
Apart from that, look at the icons of the map in your game and look for water with gas and psychic the therapy.
It can be a bit painful, and you may want other real players to help defeat the Fort Pokémon Paradox.
That is all to know about the best accountants of Iron Leaves and Walking Wake The Raid.
If you have any questions or more useful tips for others, leave a comment below!
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