The 12 Best Characters Creation Codes for WO Long Fallen Dynasty: Unleash Your Creative Wings and Create Fun Characters

The TO Long Fallen Dynasty characters creation tool has allowed players to display their creative wings and create intricate and fun characters.
Players can not only create the character they want, but they can also share their characters through codes so that everyone else uses them.
Here are the 12 best characters’ creation codes of TO Ling Fallen Dynasty for everyone to enjoy.

How to use characters in TO Long Fallen Dynasty

Image via Goa Team Games
To use character codes in TO Long Fallen Dynasty, you must be on the characters’ creation screen.
From there, an additional functions option will appear in which you can introduce characters creation codes.
It is important to keep in mind that each code can only be used on the platform that created the character.
It is easy to know which platform comes a code for the first three letters of the Code:
Wax is Xbox
CLP is PlayStation
WLS is PC or Steam

The best characters’ creation codes of TO Ling Fallen Dynasty

Image via Goa Team Games
Whether you are trying to make your character look like a character from his favorite anime or other games such as Street Fighter, there are already codes for many of these.
These are some of the best on the Internet.

Miguel Jackson

Image credit: Rocco in Reddit
CreatorCode: WLX-LJJ & [email protects]
Platform: Xbox
Are you ready to be a soft criminal in TO Long Fallen Dynasty?
This Michael Jackson character code is perfect for music lovers who are ready to put the rhythm of W Long Fallen Dynasty.
Who knows, it is possible that you can even cure the world and save the day.


Image credit: @Mrbozon on Twitter
Character code: wlp-fka? Stacey+
Platform: Game Station
Platform fans can choose this Santa character code to bring the magic of the medium genius to To Long Fallen Dynasty.
With the iconic long and purple horse tail and fairy features, this is just a nice character code.

Suburb Get

Image credit: Soloist in Reddit
Character code: [email protects]? 62
Platforms: Game Station
If yours is the Anime Shōnen, why not play TO Long Fallen Dynasty as suburb get of Jujitsu Kaiser?
This character code gives life to the animated character with realistic scars on the forehead and a fierce personality of a powerful sorcerer.

Sam Samsung

Image Source: Lenin in Reddit
Character Code: WLS-EZHWCryCCMZG
Platform: computer
Even Samsung Sam has been created in TO Ling Fallen Dynasty Character Creator.
The personality of the Samsung brand may seem like a simple female character with short brown hair, but the true fans will recognize the similarities immediately.


Image credit: Humble tramp in Reddit
Character code: WLS-TV? GB8BDZER5D
Platform: computer
One Piece is iconic and fox is one of the most popular characters.
This is specifically its design in Want Arc, but it is almost perfect and even includes its earrings and its facial scar.

Chen Li

Image credit: Squadcammander354 in Reddit
Character code: WLP-%RCB+JQMCKNEX
Platform: Game Station
The favorite character of Street Fighter fans, Chen Li, has a magnificent character code.
This is particularly its Street Fighter 6 design, and fans can demonstrate their TO Long Fallen Dynasty skills with this character code.


Image credit: gale_NUMA_Samoa in Reddit
Character code: wax-? 2dbvtkkgo29e
Platform: Xbox
Taking into account the TO Long Fallen Dynasty style, it is not surprising that a lot of anime shōnen characters are being created.


For Demon Slayer fans, they can bring Reno back in the creator of characters.


Image credit: Kanden95 in Reddit
Character code: WLX-W9G4J = MV42RNF
Platform: Xbox
Snake, the main character of Metal Gear Solid games and a strong fighter in Super Smash Bros., is a perfect couple for To Long Fallen Dynasty.
This Venom Snake character code looks like a true adventurer, and the scars show their skill in the fight.

ice Princess

Image credit: Tamara_02 in Reddit
Character code: WLP-SYQ9/4SWGMSRP
Platform: Game Station
This beautiful character code does not come from anything except from the creator’s mind.
It is a unique and wonderfully designed aspect that can make your character stand out from the rest of the best possible way.


Image credit: Penman in Reddit
Platform: Xbox

This character was inspired by the Egyptian pharaohs with a creative touch.
Between exaggerated eye makeup and highlighted hair to imitate Names (the headdress that is often represented in the art of pharaohs), this is a fairly unique aspect to face To Long Fallen Dynasty.


Image credit: Radical-Skeleton in Reddit
Character code: waxy & [email protects] &%8
Platform: Xbox
Avatar The Last Air bender fans can finally play as Azul in TO Long Fallen Dynasty.
The creator’s code captures the intense personality and refined aspect of the fire folder perfectly.

Warrior of the dark shadow

Image Source: Wolfgang in Reddit
Platform: Xbox
This is another great versatile skin to use.
Among fierce and shaded eyes and intimidating facial scar, this is a great character to use in TO Long Fallen Dynasty.
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