Xbox Series X | S New Control Available Next Week!

Although at the beginning of the month the Stellar Shift control for the Xbox Series X | S went on sale, a new filtration has revealed that a new command for this console is on its way, and would be available to the public next week,
Something that fans will surely love.
Through Twitter, Billbil-Kun, who also leaked the existence of the Stellar Shift edition prior to its official revelation, has revealed that Velocity Green control for the Xbox Series X | S will go on sale on February 28, and
It will have a price of €59.99 euros, so the official announcement is imminent.

The image that Billbil-Kun shared is blurred, but it does make clear the green color we will find in this model.


Recall that Stellar Shift was revealed on February 7, 2023, and that same day it was put on sale, so it is very possible that this is repeated with Velocity Green.
We can only expect and see what will happen in this case.
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Editor’s note:
Like many, I would like to use this new control for more than just see Netflix.
Similarly, if the designs’ laboratory already exists, with which users can create their own controls, I do not see a great attraction in launching something that someone has already made a reality.