Page Title: Activation Executive Mocks Sony – Social Networks Explode

Yesterday an important board was held in the United Kingdom, where senior executives of Microsoft and other companies met before the competence and market authority, or CMA for its acronym in English.
At the end of this session, Activision representatives demonstrated great enthusiasm, to the degree that an executive of this company mocked Sony in social networks.
During the Board with the CMA, Microsoft not only made it clear that they were willing to comply with the requests to ensure that there will be no monopolistic practices if the purchase is approved, but also gave information that indicates this company below Sony.
After the meeting, Lulu Cheng Minerva, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and CCO in Activision Blizzard, shared two messages.
The first was a statement about what was carried out yesterday:

Microsoft is doing exactly what they said they would.

While Sony continues to reject the opportunity to obtain a long-term agreement for Call of Duty and is trying to undermine the agreement to protect his domain of two decades in the games.

We trust that regulators will find that our proposed fusion will promote competition and create more opportunities for workers and better games for our players.
And the second was in Meme where he mocks Sony by not accepting the deals that have been proposed related to Call of Duty.
Given this meme, the players’ community reacted as possible.
While some simply accepted as a joke, others got quite angry, and began publishing attacks against, not only of Microsoft and Activision, but against Minerva too.
In related issues, here you can learn more about the contract between Microsoft and Nvidia.
Similarly, Activision actions have fallen.
Editor’s note:
This type of memes and jokes are very common.
What has caught the attention of the community is that it was an executive who shared this?
It seems that many forget that these are still people who have the right to share their opinion on social networks.